Chapter 4 — The Emblematic Letterform

Chapter 4 — The Emblematic Letterform

Signature Details


One of the symbolic elements found on our presentation box and creations is the embossed design and raised letterforms; this detail serves as a common thread that weaves together the opus of the House.

Monsieur H meticulously selected this artistic expression as an homage to ancient civilizations and the French ingenuity; as one might discover, the title of the oldest pre-historic relief sculpture belongs to two stone-age works found in nonother than France: the Venus of Laussel and the Salmon of Abri du Poisson Cave.

This unique creative method of translating ideas into a modest dimensional construct later found its way into ancient trading civilizations using cylindrical seals and signet stamps for validating and identifying the originator of the artifacts. It may be destiny that millennia later. The first letterpress publications with embossed roman characters were also invented in Paris by the Frenchman Valentine Haüy to enrich the tactility of the reading experience.

It couldn't be more suitable to utilize this sensorial way of creative presentation to mark the creations of the House; the raised roman letters graced our designs both as the maker's mark of excellence and a visual metaphor to the diffusing olfactory experience of our fragrances. In the same way, it subtly permeates the space with a tactile presence, adding to the multi-sensorial experience of the House.