Chapter 4 — The Emblematic Letterform

Chapter 4 — The Emblematic Letterform

Signature Details


Upon our creations, find a signature mark, A tale woven in time, a spark in the dark. The embossed design, the raised letterforms, A common thread binding our multi-sensory storms.

Chosen with care by Monsieur H, a profound expression, To ancient civilizations and French, an earnest confession. In stone-age France, two works stand tall, Venus of Laussel and Salmon, the oldest of all.

A modest construct, a story set in stone, Found in ancient seals, a narrative well-known. Signet stamps marked the artifact’s birth, Validating origins, affirming its worth.

In Paris, the birthplace of embossed Roman print, Valentine Haüy's vision, without a tint. To enrich the tactile journey of the sightless reader, A revolutionary idea from a thoughtful leader.

In this sensory expression, we find our cue, Marking our creations, the old in the new. Raised Roman letters gracing our designs, A maker's mark of excellence, where past and present aligns.

A visual metaphor for our olfactory art, Permeating spaces, playing its part. The tactile presence subtly unfurls, Adding to the multi-sensorial swirls.

Unveil the journey, embark on the quest, In the aromatic embrace of our fragrant fest.