The Spirit of the House — l'esprit de la maison

Maison + House is a double entendre French and English wordplay, representing the union of traditional French savoir-faire (know-how) with the modern and artistic lifestyle. We believe in making less yet superlative artifacts that grace vibrancy to your daily pace and complement your dwelling place.


"When the objects we use every day and the constructs we architect for our temporal stay become in themselves works of art. We shall be able to say we have achieved a balanced life as an avant-garde."


The Savoir-Faire of the Maison — le savior-faire de la maison


Emphasizing what's known as the savoir-faire and matériaux d'exception — we bring you the convergence of technical know-how and exceptional materials with contemporary avant-garde forms. Whether it's The Hand or The Nose, you will find works often created by French and other regional artisans and expert perfumers, giving the inanimate its much-celebrated soul. This contrasting method of creation results in objects that we believe will stand the test of time.



The Creativity of the House — la créativité de la “house”


Here, you will find experimental creations concerning art, design, and experiences that push the norms' boundaries.

Discover unique algorithmic process, which expresses artistic parameters to define the relationship between design intents and creations. Acquire works of art utilizing advanced 3D forming that cross-pollinates with French craftsmanship.

Inspired by nature and avant-garde architectures of their time, Maison+House creates lasting art for the discerning patrons and tomorrow's built environments.


The Aspirations of the Sustainable Lifestyle — l'aspiration d'un mode de vie durable


From selecting recyclable or sustainable materials, designing longer-lasting heirloom objects, and utilizing carbon-neutral shipping options, Maison+House continues to dedicate itself to finding new ways to minimize our environmental impact. Besides selecting better materials, we actively partner with One Tree Planted to help restore forests by planting one tree for every product sold.




Enjoy The Creations, Explore The Curations & Embark on a Mesmerizing Grand-Voyage of Avant-Garde Artful Living.