Chapter 3 — The Perfume Capital

Chapter 3 — The Perfume Capital

The Signature Fragrances of the House

Embarking on a journey of self and soul, Monsieur H, Found a sensory adventure, a narrative to enroll. In New York, he held his memories dear, Recalling the fragrant whispers from yesteryear.

In the grand voyage's novel page, A chapter was written, setting the stage. For Maison+House to capture in a line, Mesmerizing fragrant tales, exquisitely divine.

A journey through Grasse, under the Riviera's sun, A perfume capital, where scent stories are spun. Fields of jasmine, lavender, roses in the fray, Artisans weave fragrances, in an enchanting ballet.

From the townlet tannery, a transformation arose, To a renowned aroma haven, as the Riviera wind blows. The story of Grasse, a heritage site to behold, A narrative of fragrances, beautifully told.



The Nez, like an artist in the sphere, Composes fragrances that draw us near. A symphony of notes, harmonies delight, Crafting fragrances, into the night.

UNESCO's Grasse, a heritage grand, Perfume-making savoir-faire, unique in the land. The source of our House's fragrant infusion, A story of heritage and elegant infusion.