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Maison+House creates avant-garde designs for the homes and exceptional fragrances for the soul.

Fragrance can evoke memories that are more emotional than any other sense.

Through the traveling of the mind, scents are the keys to the soul's journey.

From Our Patrons

“The patchouli candle smells wonderful!"

— Suzie

"Receive the fig blossom candle and the scent is lovely."

— Deborah

"Thank you... oh my this smells so good!!! I will be a repeat customer 😊"

— Lisa

"Your scents are amazing!"

— Ann

"I love the scent of the candle!"

— Bridget

"I’ve been impressed by all the offerings and the excellent customer service. Considering we’re all spending so much time at home, finding you guys has been a bright spot :)"

— Jen

”I have the patchouli in my bedroom and it is amazing!!!The Smell is so sophisticated love entering my room😊 I would really like to have this scent as wearable .. absolutely my favorite 😍“

— Robin 

“Possible the best candle I've ever bought The scents are all really beautiful, especially the Tonka, highly recommend!”

— Behz

The candle was fragrant and just the scent I wanted.

— Redonna