Chapter 2 — The Capital of Fire Arts

Chapter 2 — The Capital of Fire Arts

Limoges Porcelain

The rich traditions of the past first and foremost inspire the creation of the Avant-Garde collection produced by the Porcelain craftsmen in Southwest-central France. Through the creative vision of Monsieur H, the pairing of the expertise passed down through the generations and material excellence with future-forward parametric form-finding resulted in unique artifacts that are esthetics and of outstanding intrinsic value.

The history of Porcelain in Europe may have started in the 14th century when Marco Polo introduced fine China to the royalties. Yet, it inspired scientists to experiment with unique materials in the western world soon after.

The French city of Limoges on the Vienne Riverbanks is known internationally for its exquisite porcelain creations. It transformed itself from millennia of expert enamel craftsmanship to a world-renown center of porcelain creation following the discovery of the "white gold" — kaolinite — a key ingredient in porcelain creation. Today Limoges is classified as a UNESCO creative city that continues to thrive.

Royalties, collectors, and discerning patrons of exceptional tastes commissions world-renowned Limoges porcelain for its spectacular white and luminous hue often passed down as heirloom objects in the families.