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Article: Chapter 1 — The Foundations

Chapter  1 — The Foundations

Chapter 1 — The Foundations

The Double-Archway Crest of the House

In search of a symbolic emblem, Monsieur H cast his gaze, On the historic innovations, European architecture's phase. Arches emblematic, of masteries of old, In the Mediterranean world, their elegance bold.

Bridges, aqueducts, buildings with grace, Networked extensively, in time and space. The firm foundations of contemporary forms, In these ancient designs, the modern norm.

Two arched doors, the emblem would bear, Symbolizing a collaboration. Savoir-faire and creativity, together they twine, Classic and modern, in perfect design.

France and New York, worlds apart, Yet in this emblem, they make a start. An emblem of excellence, to adorn each creation, The House's philosophy, its bold declaration.

"If you have built castles in the sky, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."

The spirit of Maison + House, a convergence profound, Unconventional contrasts, where inspirations are found. Classics and Futuristics, in harmony they blend, Technical Know-How meets Creative Energy, a timeless trend.

The historic fundamentals, our bedrock strong and true, Upon these, creations old and new. Yet, we're ever pushing, expanding the line, Discovering new worlds, in this grand design.

Simultaneously grounded, and yet we soar, Balancing the familiar with what's in store. Thus is the spirit, the essence we hold, A tapestry of contrasts, a story to be told.

The Modern Creations

In the contemporary world, a desire does seethe, Not for the better, but more, it breathes. Yet, ateliers of Maison+House, a different stance take, Creating less, but better, for craftsmanship's sake.

Slower, mindful, a rhythm embraced, Of the life that creations trace. An artifact not just to own, but to feel, An emotional relationship, profound and real.

Fostering a bond between patron and art, A discerning eye, a discerning heart. In a world of consumption, we find our place, In less but better, we find our grace.

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