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Through the Roses Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle

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"Through the Roses Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle": A Lyrical Journey in Blossom

Maison + House unveils the majestic "Through the Roses Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle," a fragrant homage to the wild and untamed beauty of roses, interlaced with the harmony of nature's most aromatic treasures. This candle transcends its luminous function, becoming a vessel for an immersive exploration into the essence of floral grandeur, where every note plays a part in the unfolding story of wild rose dreams.

A Ballet of Aromas in the Garden of Delight

The lighting of the "Through the Roses" candle beckons the onset of a sensory expedition, charting a course through dew-kissed gardens at dawn, beneath the caress of the morning sun.

The Prelude: The journey takes flight on the wings of morning light, with Lemon's zest, Peach's sweet embrace, and Clove's inviting warmth setting the stage for a daybreak serenade. This spirited trio awakens the senses, an invigorating rush that paints the air with the first hues of dawn's palette.

The Heart: Within this aromatic core, a floral procession led by Rose, Jasmine, and Violet takes center stage, twirling in a waltz of captivating elegance. Cinnamon weaves itself into this dance, offering a spicy counterpoint that grounds the effervescent florals in a warm, earthy embrace. The heart pulses with the vibrancy of a garden in full bloom—a bouquet of moments captured in the kaleidoscope of scent.

The Soul: As the narrative deepens and dusk approaches, Musk, Tonka Bean, and Sandalwood craft a tale of comforting depths. This foundational triad encapsulates the warmth of the fading day, a luxurious and enduring touch that swathes the spirit in a blanket of olfactory memories, tender and indelible.

Journey to the Heart of Fragrance

Encased in a 7 oz. / 198 g vessel, the "Through the Roses Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle"stands as a testament to Maison + House's commitment to capturing the sublime in scent form. Inspired by the resplendent beauty and unrestrained freedom of wild roses basking in sunlight, this candle serves as a guide to the enigmatic and captivating world of aroma.

For the Dreamers and Romantics

Fragrance Family: A voyage across the citrus, floral, and woody realms

Scent Notes: Begin with the vibrant top notes of Lemon, Peach, and Clove; wander through the heart's lush floral landscape of Rose, Jasmine, Violet, and Cinnamon; and find tranquility in the comforting base of Musk, Tonka Bean, and Sandalwood.

Dimension: A 7 oz. vessel, a beacon of nature's reverie

Design: Crafted exclusively by Maison + House, the "Through the Roses Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle" is a poetic testament to the art of French perfumery, a fragrant sonnet dedicated to the timeless allure and mystery of the wild rose’s dream.

With the "Through the Roses Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle" by Maison + House, embark on a journey where each flicker of flame beckons deeper into the heart's wild rose dreams, captivating the senses, celebrating the beauty of nature, and invoking a sun-drenched escapade through olfactory bliss.

Through the Roses Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle
Through the Roses Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle Sale price$60

10 Superlative Reasons to Choose Our Exquisite Creations:

Perfume-Grade Fine-Fragrance from Grasse, France

Embark on a Sensory Journey through the Perfume Capital of the World, Unveiling the Historic French Fragrance Savoir-Faire

Discover the Extraordinary Creation by Expert Perfumers

Embark on a Journey of Mesmerizing Accords and the Exquisite Craftsmanship of Fragrance Creation

Experience the Exquisite Fragrance Concentration in our Candle Creations

Perfumed Opulence Unleashed: Lavishing Generous Ratios of the Finest Ingredients in our Candle Creations

Elevate Sustainability with Elegance

Unveiling the Perfect Fusion of Environmental Responsibility and Exquisite Craftsmanship: High-Temperature, Shatter-Resistant Borosilicate-Glass for Sustainable Luxury

Animal Cruelty-Free Fragrances

Unveiling a New Standard of Compassion and Respect: Fine Fragrance Developed without Harming Our Beloved Co-habitants

Clean-Burning Vegan Luxury

Unveiling a Harmonious Fusion of Nature and Luxury: Non-Toxic, Sustainable Wax Formulation for Pure Tranquility

Embrace Eco-Friendly Illumination: Lead-Free Natural Cotton Wick for Sustainable Candlelight

Unveiling the Beauty of Earth-Conscious Brilliance: Lead-Free Natural Cotton Wick for Sustainable Candlelight

Luxurious Hours of Candle Illumination

Maximize Burn Time and Optimal Performance with Simple Care *On your first use, allow the candle to burn until the wax has melted evenly to the edges. To maximize burn time, trim the wick ¼" before each use.

Adulations from our Esteemed Patrons

“ I have the patchouli in my bedroom and it is amazing!!!The Smell is so sophisticated love entering my room😊 I would really like to have this scent as wearable .. absolutely my favorite 😍 ”

- Robin

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— Jen

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"Elegant & Sophisticated These beautiful candles are well worth the price. Extremely high quality and smell exquisite. The team at Maison + House are very approachable and respond swiftly to any situation that may arise."


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