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  1. Ritualistically Uplift Your Spirit & Fill Rooms with Captivating Fragrances Up to 1000ft² — Did you know that fragrance can evoke powerful and emotional memories? Let our signature fragrance remind you of good times.
  2. Dual Fragrances atomization to prevent Scent Fatigue — To experience the dual fragrance scent scape, pick the scent of the day/night and switch fragrances every few hours to enhance the olfactive experience.
  3. Effective and Efficient Long Lasting Fragrance Refill — Two 10ml fragrance bottles can last up to 256 hours combined*.
  4. Quiet Operation — @ ~39dB, the equivalent of the typical sound level at the library*.
  5. Extended Battery Life Up to 250 Hrs — Requires a full charge with low interval atomization.**
  6. Compact Yet Powerful — @ 6.7" x 3.5" x 6.7" Roughly the same length as the mobile phone yet equipped with a powerful diffuser at a relatively light-weight of 23.6 oz
  7. Gentle Ambient Light — Orange LED mood light that does not disrupt your circadian rhythm.
  8. Effortless Charging — USB charging.
  9. Easy Cleaning — Washable nozzles design means fewer replacement parts.
  10. "Light-as-Air" Fragrance Particles — Nano-Scale atomizing technology generates bearly visible diffusion mist.
  11. No Water Required — The atomization technology diffuses fragrance particles without dilution and prevents molds and bacteria growth in the machine.
  12. Modern and Minimalistic Design — The sophisticated aluminum casing with soft round edges bridges the esthetic gap between your techs and modern furniture.
  13. Access to a Growing Collection of Timeless French Fragrances — Experience the romantic sensorial experience of world renowned French-Riviera perfumery at your convenience.