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The Artistry of Maison+House – L'Art de la Maison

"Our existence delicately dances on the intersection of art and life, where we refine our day-to-day experiences. Finding balance in our actions and a harmony that casts a radiant glow onto life. May our possessions and dwellings become revered works of art, adorned with poetic homage."


The Mastery of the French Maison

Our commitment to the celebrated French savoir-faire ensures that we source only the most exceptional materials, giving birth to contemporary forms that transcend the passage of time. Whether it's the hand-forged creations of regional artisans or expertly composed perfumes, each piece carries an unmistakable soul that speaks of its origin.



The Inventiveness of Maison+House

We strive to transcend the boundaries of art and design through innovative processes that articulate the profound relationship between design and creation. Our pioneering creation method melds traditional French craftsmanship with avant-garde techniques, delivering enduring artistry for discerning patrons and the architectural landscapes of tomorrow. Nature's sublime beauty and the clean lines of contemporary architecture fuel our inspiration.


Towards a Sustainable Elegance

Echoing your aspirations for a sustainable lifestyle, we are devoted to mitigating our environmental footprint. From embracing recyclable and sustainable materials to creating heirloom pieces destined to last generations and employing carbon-neutral shipping methods, we persistently seek avenues to contribute positively to our planet. We take pride in our partnership with One Tree Planted, endeavoring to restore forests by planting a tree for every Maison+House order placed.