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Saffron Sunset Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle — Reserve Collection —

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"Saffron Sunset Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle – Reserve Collection": An Ode to Evenings Veiled in Spice

In the quietude of dusk, Maison + House proudly unveils the "Saffron Sunset Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle – Reserve Collection," an emblem of perfumery's profound ability to capture the essence of ephemeral moments. More than a beacon of warmth in the encroaching twilight, this candle represents a sensory journey into the heart of mystery and elegance, where the esteemed spice of saffron sets the stage for an aromatic narrative rich in depth and emotion.

A Symphony Veiled in Twilight

The lighting of the "Saffron Sunset" candle heralds the beginning of an olfactory exploration that traverses the spectrum of scent from the spicy to the sublime, each layer a revelation of the fragrance's soul.

The Prelude: As twilight descends, the spicy allure of Saffron intermingles with the sweetness of Peach, setting the scene with an overture that is both vibrant and alluring. This opening note is a whisper of anticipation, a beckon towards the unfolding story of the night.

The Heart: At its depth, Pink Camellia, Patchouli, Orris, and Nagarmotha form the core of enchantment, intertwining in a delicate yet profound dance of aromas. The floral elegance of pink camellia merges with the earthy richness of patchouli, while orris and nagarmotha contribute their grounded, deep characters to the ensemble. This heart is the essence of the candle's narrative, a testament to the enduring power of nature's olfactory gifts.

The Soul: As the evening matures, Amber, Sandalwood, and Vanilla ascend, weaving the tale to its conclusion with notes that echo the whispers of the night. This base is a sensuous embrace, a melodic harmony that leaves a lasting impression, like memories etched in the amber hue of the setting sun.

Crafting Legacies with Every Flame

Housed within a 7 oz. / 198 g vessel, the "Saffron Sunset Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle – Reserve Collection" is a manifestation of Maison + House's commitment to creating scents that narrate stories of timeless beauty and intrigue. Inspired by the warm embrace of saffron under the twilight sky, this candle is a meditative journey, an invitation to those who seek to immerse themselves in the depths of aromatic wonder.

For the Seekers of Aromatic Mystique

Fragrance Family: A voyage through the warm and spicy, into the heart of floral earthiness, and resting in the comfort of sweet woods

Scent Notes: Begin with the captivating top notes of Spicy Saffron and Peach; navigate the intricate heart of Pink Camellia, Patchouli, Orris, and Nagarmotha; and find solace in the embracing base of Amber, Sandalwood, and Vanilla.

Dimension: A 7 oz. vessel, custodian of twilight serenades

Design: An exclusive creation by Maison + House, the "Saffron Sunset Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle – Reserve Collection" is a luxurious testament to the art of French perfumery, a scented sonnet dedicated to the enigmatic beauty of the evening's embrace.

With the "Saffron Sunset Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle – Reserve Collection" by Maison + House, allow your senses to be enveloped in the captivating allure of an evening adorned in saffron's spice. Let this candle be the guiding light to moments of reflection, romance, and sublime beauty, where each inhale is a step deeper into the night's enigmatic tale.

Saffron Sunset Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle — Reserve Collection —
Saffron Sunset Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle — Reserve Collection — Sale price€55,95

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Perfume-Grade Fine-Fragrance from Grasse, France

Embark on a Sensory Journey through the Perfume Capital of the World, Unveiling the Historic French Fragrance Savoir-Faire

Discover the Extraordinary Creation by Expert Perfumers

Embark on a Journey of Mesmerizing Accords and the Exquisite Craftsmanship of Fragrance Creation

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Clean-Burning Vegan Luxury

Unveiling a Harmonious Fusion of Nature and Luxury: Non-Toxic, Sustainable Wax Formulation for Pure Tranquility

Embrace Eco-Friendly Illumination: Lead-Free Natural Cotton Wick for Sustainable Candlelight

Unveiling the Beauty of Earth-Conscious Brilliance: Lead-Free Natural Cotton Wick for Sustainable Candlelight

Luxurious Hours of Candle Illumination

Maximize Burn Time and Optimal Performance with Simple Care *On your first use, allow the candle to burn until the wax has melted evenly to the edges. To maximize burn time, trim the wick ¼" before each use.

Adulations from our Esteemed Patrons

“ I have the patchouli in my bedroom and it is amazing!!!The Smell is so sophisticated love entering my room😊 I would really like to have this scent as wearable .. absolutely my favorite 😍 ”

- Robin

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