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Voyage French-Fragrance Room / Linen / Body Spray

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In the realm of the infinite voyage, where bold hearts and skillful minds merge, Each journey embarks with a spark, a glimmer in the boundless night. The mariner's song, the zephyr's whisper, Unveils a scent, a promise, a treasure that grants the heart respite.

The fragrande echoes, stirring the soul.

Belonging to a lineage steeped in tradition and legacy, A family of fragrance, both arboreal and oriental in its fantasy. The journey commences with an exotic twist, Peppercorn and Elemi, in the ether they coexist.

Grapefruit lends its vivacious delight, Black Pepper's bold spark ignites the twilight. This is the genesis, the dawn of the scent, Where the journey of olfaction is inventively spent.

Yet, the heart of the journey is profound and sincere, Cedarwood from Marocco, an aromatic sphere. Patchouli narrates tales of lands afar, Haitian Vetiver contributes depth, akin to a shifting star.

This is the heart, the epicenter, the core, Where the fragrance evolves into an enduring folklore. However, every journey must seek its solace, In a soulful haven, a fragrant palace.

Sandalwood, the essence of serene dreams, Fuses with Bourbon Vanilla, in delicate streams. This is the soul, the finale, the tranquillity, Where the odyssey discovers its sweet susceptibility.

Embark on a voyage around the aromatic world. From the bustling spice bazaars to the tranquil cedar groves, To the vanilla fields where the sandalwood roves.

Each note a memory, each scent a tale, Of a journey, an odyssey, a fragrant trail. Close your eyes, let your senses take flight, With this fragrance, savor a nocturnal voyage through the night.

Fragrance Family

Multi-Layer Fragrance Notes
Head – Peppercorn, Elemi, Grapefruit, Black pepper 
Heart – Cedarwood from Marocco, Patchouli, Haitian vetiver 
Soul – Sandalwood, Bourbon vanilla


   Perfume-grade fine-fragrance from Grasse, France

   Fragrance formulated by expert perfumers

   High fragrance concentration for optimal scent profile

   Meticulously hand-compounded by artisans

   Animal cruelty-free


Designed by Maison+House

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Voyage French-Fragrance Room / Linen / Body Spray
Voyage French-Fragrance Room / Linen / Body Spray Sale price€93,95