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Autumn Hues / Couleurs D'automne Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle - Seasonal Edition -

Sale price€55,95

Autumn Hues / Couleurs D'automne: An Artisanal Ode to Autumn by Maison + House

In the fleeting embrace of autumn, where the world dons its most resplendent tapestry, Maison + House unfurls "Autumn Hues / Couleurs D'automne" — a seasonal symphony encased in wax, an artisanal candle that whispers the poetry of fall in every flicker.

A Symphony Woven from the Essence of Fall

Upon igniting this beacon, you embark on an odyssey through a landscape bathed in the golden light of dying stars, where every scent note is a leaf, fluttering down from the Tree of Seasons.

  • The Prelude: It begins with a burst of Raspberry and Blackcurrant, jewels of the harvest, gleaming in the sun's dimming glow, their vibrant chorus joined by Bergamot's crisp laughter, echoing the freshness of autumn’s dawn.

  • The Heart: Delving deeper, the melody finds its core in the harmonious blend of Orange and Apple, a carousel of mirth and merriment, whispering tales of orchards brimming with the bounty of nature’s largess. Cedar, stoic and wise, roots the symphony in the earth’s ancient ballad, enriching the heart with tranquility deep and profound.

  • The Soul: As the day wanes into the velvet embrace of night, Cashmere and Vanilla weave a comforting shroud, their soft caress reminiscent of warmth amidst the chill of impending winter. Musk, the scent of secrets draped in the shroud of dusk, bold yet tender, draws the curtain on this olfactory masterpiece.

Crafted by Hands, Cradled by Spirit

Each 7 oz. testament to the artisan's craft, "Autumn Hues / Couleurs D'automne", is not merely a candle but a relic of time, manifesting the transient beauty of autumn in a flame. Designed with passion, and crafted with precision, Maison + House offers an invitation to savor the season that whispers tales of renewal and decay.

For the Connoisseurs of Aromatic Poetry

  • Fragrance Family: A multi-layered tapestry of season’s essence
  • Scent Notes: Embark from the vibrant head notes of Raspberry, Blackcurrant, and Bergamot, traverse through the verdant heart of Orange, Apple, and Cedar, and find solace in the soulful depths of Vanilla and Musk.
  • Dimension: A 7 oz. vessel, encapsulating the ephemeral beauty of fall
  • Design: A Maison + House exclusive, embodying elegance and reverence for nature’s palette

"Autumn Hues / Couleurs D'automne" by Maison + House is a homage to the perpetual dance of life and death, to the ephemeral beauty that autumn arrays before the final bow. Let this candle be your beacon as you meander through the memory-laden paths of fall, where each breath is a verse in the everlasting poem of nature.

Inhale deeply, for each scent is a word, each flame a stanza, in the grand poetic epic that is Autumn Hues / Couleurs D'automne.

Autumn Hues / Couleurs D'automne Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle - Seasonal Edition -
Autumn Hues / Couleurs D'automne Artisanal French-Fragrance Candle - Seasonal Edition - Sale price€55,95

10 Superlative Reasons to Choose Our Exquisite Creations:

Perfume-Grade Fine-Fragrance from Grasse, France

Embark on a Sensory Journey through the Perfume Capital of the World, Unveiling the Historic French Fragrance Savoir-Faire

Discover the Extraordinary Creation by Expert Perfumers

Embark on a Journey of Mesmerizing Accords and the Exquisite Craftsmanship of Fragrance Creation

Experience the Exquisite Fragrance Concentration in our Candle Creations

Perfumed Opulence Unleashed: Lavishing Generous Ratios of the Finest Ingredients in our Candle Creations

Elevate Sustainability with Elegance

Unveiling the Perfect Fusion of Environmental Responsibility and Exquisite Craftsmanship: High-Temperature, Shatter-Resistant Borosilicate-Glass for Sustainable Luxury

Animal Cruelty-Free Fragrances

Unveiling a New Standard of Compassion and Respect: Fine Fragrance Developed without Harming Our Beloved Co-habitants

Clean-Burning Vegan Luxury

Unveiling a Harmonious Fusion of Nature and Luxury: Non-Toxic, Sustainable Wax Formulation for Pure Tranquility

Embrace Eco-Friendly Illumination: Lead-Free Natural Cotton Wick for Sustainable Candlelight

Unveiling the Beauty of Earth-Conscious Brilliance: Lead-Free Natural Cotton Wick for Sustainable Candlelight

Luxurious Hours of Candle Illumination

Maximize Burn Time and Optimal Performance with Simple Care *On your first use, allow the candle to burn until the wax has melted evenly to the edges. To maximize burn time, trim the wick ¼" before each use.

Adulations from our Esteemed Patrons

“ I have the patchouli in my bedroom and it is amazing!!!The Smell is so sophisticated love entering my room😊 I would really like to have this scent as wearable .. absolutely my favorite 😍 ”

- Robin

"I’ve been impressed by all the offerings and the excellent customer service. Considering we’re all spending so much time at home, finding you guys has been a bright spot :)"

— Jen

“Possible the best candle I've ever bought The scents are all really beautiful, especially the Tonka, highly recommend!”


"Elegant & Sophisticated These beautiful candles are well worth the price. Extremely high quality and smell exquisite. The team at Maison + House are very approachable and respond swiftly to any situation that may arise."


Stunning and luxurious products - I want to order everything they have!

The scents are amazing and smell absolutely divine! I can't get enough and will definitely be ordering more and more!