Maison+House The Great Mental Models Volume 2: Physics, Chemistry and Biology

The Great Mental Models Volume 2: Physics, Chemistry and Biology

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We tend to isolate what we know in the domain we learned. For example:

-What does the inertia of a rolling stone have to do with perseverance and being open-minded?
-How can the ancient steel production process make you a more creative and innovative thinker?
-What does the replication of our skin cells have to do with being a more robust and more effective leader?

On the surface, these concepts may appear to be dissimilar and unrelated. But the surprising truth is the hard sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology) offer a wealth of valuable tools you can use to develop critically essential skills like:

- Relationship building
- Leadership
- Communication
- Creativity
- Curiosity
- Problem-solving
- Decision-making

This second volume of the Great Mental Models series shows you how to make those connections. It explores the core ideas from the hard sciences and offers nearly two dozen models to add to your mental toolbox.

You'll not only get a better understanding of the forces that influence the world around you, but you'll learn how to direct those forces to create outsized advantages in the areas of your life that matter most to you.

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