Savon de l'Architecte — Architecte Soap Nº0


An homage to the hand-crafted French soaps, Savon de l'Architecte reimagine the traditional cube form to become more visual and tactile. This avant-garde sculptural soap utilizes the latest in computational design and 3D forming techniques to aid the creation of its sensually curvaceous form. Paired with our signature scents, it is the perfect conversation starter in your wash-room or as a sumptuous everyday cleansing staple.

Designed by Maison House, and meticulously hand-poured shea butter soap.

Shea butter is derived from a naturally occurring plant-based extract. It moisturizes, soothes, protects the skin, and has been shown to reduce inflammation.

225 g / 9.5 oz.

Limited Availability

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