Maison+House Dualité Fragrance Diffuser

New ways for you to enjoy our signature fragrances

Did you know? If you stay in an environment with the same fragrance, over time, your nose develops scent fatigue, nullifying the effect of the diffuser.

Maison+House Dualité portable fragrance diffuser gives you the option to switch between two complementary fragrances of your choice. Be it morning + night, calm + excite, his + her, bring the joy of fragrance to every place.

Maison+House Dualité Fragrance Diffuser
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Superlative 11

Fills Rooms Up to 1000ft²

Quiet Operation

Long Lasting Refill

Extended Battery Life

Dual Fragrances

Light-as-Air Fragrances

Compact yet Powerful

Gentle Ambient Light

Effortless Charging

Easy Cleaning

French-Riviera Perfumery

Bear the gift of fragrance everywhere you go, and transform the quality where you dwell.

Optimized for our mesmerizing fragrances from France. Compatible with most essential / fragrance oils of all scents.

reasons to become a proud owner of M+H dualité diffuser

  1. Ritualistically Uplift Your Spirit & Fill Rooms with Captivating Fragrances Up to 1000ft²Did you know that fragrance can evoke powerful and emotional memories, let our signature fragrance remind you of good times.
  2. Dual Fragrances atomization to fight Scent Fatigue — Dual fragrance diffusion to fight scent fatique with prolonged usage, or trigger the switch when you'd like to change the mood.
  3. Effective and Efficient Long Lasting Fragrance Refill — Two 10ml fragrance bottle can last up to 256 hours combined*.
  4. Quiet Operation — @ ~39dB, the equavalent of typical sound level at the library*.
  5. Extended Battery Life Up to 250 Hrs — Requires a full charge with low interval atomization.**
  6. Compact Yet Powerful — @ 6.7"x3.5"x6.7" Roughly the same length as the a mobile phone yet equipped with a powerful diffuser and relatively light-weight @ 23.6 oz
  7. Gentle Ambient Light — Orange LED mood light that does not disrupt your circadian rythem
  8. Effortless Charging — USB charging.
  9. Easy Cleaning — Washable nozzles design means less replacement parts.
  10. “Light-as-Air” Fragrance Particles — Nano-Scale atomizing technology that generats bearly visible diffusion mist.
  11. No Water Required — The atomization technology diffuses fragrance particles without the need of dilusion and prevents molds and bateria growth in the machine.
  12. Modern and Minimialistic Design — The sophisticated aluminum casing with the soft round edges bridges the esthetic gap between your techs and modern furnitures.
  13. Access to a Growing Collection of Timeless French Fragrances — Experience the romantic expertise of world renowned French-Riviera perfumery at your convenience.


Fragrance Consumption

A 10ML bottle of Fragrance will last from 56 - 1340 hours depending on diffusion strength and interval selected. (Dualité uses 2 bottles of fragrance that you can alternate resulting in 112-2680 hours of diffusing per refill)


Sound level during diffusion

~39dB @ 50cm (As a reference, normal audio level of libraries are ~40dB, while talking is measured at ~60dB)


Battery Life

The battery life of your Dualité device ranges from 19 to 250 hours depending on diffusion strength and frequency as well as LED usage.

Select quotes from our Patrons

"Thank you... oh my this smells so good!!! I will be a repeat customer 😊" — Lisa

"Your scents are amazing!" — Ann

"I’ve been impressed by all the offerings and the excellent customer service. Considering we’re all spending so much time at home, finding you guys has been a bright spot :)" — Jen

”I have the patchouli in my bedroom and it is amazing!!!The Smell is so sophisticated love entering my room😊 I would really like to have this scent as wearable .. absolutely my favorite 😍“ — Robin

Maison+House Dualité Fragrance Diffuser
Sold out