Maison+House Agarwood Essentia, Essential Oil — Private Reserve —

Agarwood Essentia, Essential Oil — Private Reserve —

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Seductive and transcending, some call it the scent of heaven. We want to think of it as olfactory essential for the extraordinary and discerning individual.

Also known as oud in some regions, this woody oriental essential oil has an earthy, sweet, and leathery note that is complex and sophisticated.

Steam distilled essential oil of Agarwood from a sustainably harvested source.

Take extra care to use conservatively in minuscule quantities in between the wrist or with diffusers.

Special Order Only, Non-Refundable.

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rich gorgeous scents and lovely customer service.

Millbrook, NY

The scents are amazing and smell absolutely divine! I can't get enough and will definitely be ordering more and more!

Balham, London

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