Create Unforgettable Viewing Experiences

Weld the Power to Entice the Senses

Did you know that scents, emotions, and memories are closely intertwined? Fragrance can create a sense of belonging and evoke memories like a picnic with family, perfumes/colognes worn by loved ones, or create a new memory that anchors the buyer's experience to your luxury property.

It is no secret that retail conglomerates use this influential association of fragrance, spatial memory, and emotion to drive sales, increase retention, and create memorable branded sensory experiences for the buyers.

Explore sumptuous offerings from Maison+House and tap into the power to allure the senses.

Ambiance in a Bottle

Maison+House Parfum d'Ambiance provides a quick and effortless way to add mesmerizing French fragrances developed by expert perfumers to rooms of any size.

Last-minute viewing notice? Not a problem; a few quick spritzes transform the property into a sensorial oasis.
Create multiple micro experiences with different fragrances for each space.

transform the ambiance with fragrance

Soothing Warm Glow and Luxurious Accents

Maison+House fragrance candles are the perfect luxury accessories to elevates your property. Lighting dramatically alters mood, and with the help of our signature french fragrance, you can turn lackluster spaces into cozy sanctuaries.

Our luxurious French-fragrance candles also make for a memorable closing gift, contact us if you wish to create a customized experience.

Elevate with decor + fragrance

Movements to Bring your Space Alive

Your unique listings require an equally impressive scenting solution. Our Maison+House x Lei finely crafted non-electric diffuser is powered only by the heat of the candlelight, creating a gentle breeze that permeates the environment with luxurious fragrance. Did we mention award-winning design? Surely a welcoming complimentary decor to match a wide variety of interior styles.

Delight and Surprise with a breeze

We Offer Exclusive Pricing for Agents, Property Mangers, Stagers, Developers and other Real Estate Community Members.

Discounts are available to qualifying members of the real estate community. Opportunities for partnership, including signature fragrance development and commercial scenting solutions, are also available upon request.

Provide your trade details and a brief message about your unique needs below to apply.

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