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Article: Prelude



In the Beginning...

In France, Monsieur H began his quest, A spiritual journey, a profound zest. He found love in the Côte d'Azur's charm, And the Provencal life held him in its warm arm.

The seaside's enchantment, the slow-savoring delight, In the perfume capital, he took flight. Journeying through the French Riviera's grace, He discovered fragrant inspirations, a passionate embrace.

The process of creation left an impression deep, A creative vision for him to keep. Stateside he returned, carrying the vision's seed, In New York City's vibrancy, the House he would lead.

He laid the foundation of Maison+House, In the metropolis, dreams to douse. Designing artifacts, French-inspired, New York's pulse at heart, A sumptuous blend, an artistic start.

From future-forward fine jewelry, the offerings grew, To capture scented experiences, mesmerizing and true. Inspired by spiritual journeys, artistic life in sight, Monsieur H’s vision, a beacon of light.


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Chapter  1 — The Foundations

Chapter 1 — The Foundations

— — The Double-Archway Crest of the House — In search of a symbolic emblem, Monsieur H cast his gaze, On the historic innovations, European architecture's phase. Arches emblematic, ...

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